The Quincy Beautify Main Street Project

3 December, 2014

When you envision the down town of a small community, you imagine quaint charm and picturesque beauty; a place that radiates the love and pride of its people. It can be difficult for a beautiful, well cared for, historic small town to find the resources to invest in its preservation. However, when a group of like-minded community members come together, they can create a solution to any problem. And that is exactly what happened in Quincy!

Three years ago a group of Main Street merchants got together to come up with a way to bring a bit of color and charisma to main street for the summer tourist season. The idea that came to them was to hang flower baskets from the light posts. Seems simple enough, right? They just needed to purchase all the supplies. Then once the baskets were in place, they needed to be watered daily and cared for or they would just become a dry and dying eye sore. After two years of pooling funds and sharing the duties, the folks caring for them came to the conclusion that they should hire someone to water the baskets daily and keep them pretty. So they reached out for help.

With Bread For the Journey Feather River’s donation of $600.00 they were able to purchase and pay for the care of three baskets for the entire season. With this donation, and others like it, someone was given a summer job, and it became the loving project of many, instead of just a few.

Hanging flower baskets along sidewalks may not seem like a significant source of beauty or community enrichment, but for a downtown attempting to recover after a fire claimed half of a block; it’s the little things that inspire people.