Poetry and Art as Medicine for the Soul

20 July, 2013

Brain injury is a tricky bird. It arrives as an unannounced guest and looms like a theater curtain dividing one’s life narrative into two: life before and after brain injury. For many, life after brain injury becomes a process for rediscovering one’s sense of self, purpose and voice.

Core to being human is the ability to give voice and expression to the most intimate and sacred of experiences. Inspired by Shelley Fox and artfully facilitated by Krista Wissing MFT, The Rediscovery Project offers an arts-based opportunity for people in Marin County living with brain injury to explore their unique being, find their voice and build Community via a 10 week exploration of poetry and art.

Whereas modern medicine rehabilitates the body, poetry and art are medicine for the soul and psyche. Bread for the Journey of Marin County was honored to contribute $750 toward the development and training for a ”peer-led poetry circle” in the belief that the Rediscovery Project is a safe harbor for this important and necessary healing journey.