Orange County Hackerz: Hacking for Good

28 August, 2014

Imagine being a creative and being forced to operate inside of a box. Traditionally there was limited options for these type of ADD/ADHD, autistic, creative individuals.  However, Four years ago, Anil Pattni founded OCHackerz, a local technology incubator focused around technology, startups with the theme of ‘Hacking for Good’ (Turning negatives into positives). Completely self funded by bis own savings,the goal was to build community, relationships and resources for local entrepreneurs to pursue their passions.

Now a community of 650+ designers, coders and engineers, we have organized 100 free cutting edge community events, Meetups, Conferences, Workshops, Talks, Fireside Chats, 2 OCMiniMakerFairs and 14 Hackathons. Here’s a link to our recent event

We are now extending our outreach to our younger generation of Hackerz.  Through STREAM (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Art and Math) Our workshops are now focused on lego robotics, electro-magnetics, bridge structures, straw rockets and more. We are excited about the future.

Bread for the Journey of Orange County Contributed $1500 to help rebuild our site. The grant is for completing the website with an interactive element so members of OCHACKERZ can use it as a resource as well as a way to communicate with each other. We also believe it will help sustain our efforts and inspire others. Thank you BFJ for your support!

You can learn more about Anil on his new site at