Neuro-Nanny Academy: Lovingly Caring for Infants

21 May, 2014

What happens when a nanny for infants is distracted by incoming e-mails, text messages, or phone calls while caring for infants?

This is the question that Peggy Herring posed as a caretaker. An authentic connection between caretaker and infant can be compromised when the nanny is continually distracted.  Simple messages of eye-to-eye contact, soothing words to the infant, holding the infant in a caring way may not take place.

Neuro-Nanny Academy teaches loving care and mindfulness skills to caretakers, parents, and nannies.  These skills are especially crucial during the first years of a child’s life in order to establish healthy neurological development.   Bread for the Journey of Oakland was honored to provide Peggy $350 to further her work to teach these important skills to infant caretakers.