Helping Community Radio

30 June, 2014

KOWS 107.3 fm community radio broadcasting from Occidental, has brought news, information, and entertainment to the West County of Sonoma 24/7/365 for over 7 years. With more than 70 local volunteer show hosts aged from 9 to 90, producing original programming with local, national and international perspectives. KOWS also reaches out to the community by covering live events and producing benefit events. Volunteers learn new real-world skills, get the chance to follow their passion, and have a lot of fun.

They requested help with an equipment upgrade and relocating their antenna from its current spot up a douglas fir tree.  The Bread for the Journey grant of $1000 ($500 now and another $500 just before broadcast from their new location) will help enable KOWS to purchase that new antenna, which will boost their community listenership 10-fold, and as KOWS is part of the Emergency Alert System, will also make West County safer.  With their broader reach, they eventually hope to set up a satellite station in Sebastopol to further increase their presence in West Sonoma County.  Your can find them on the dial at 107.3 fm, and streaming live at  Mooo!