The HeartWay

15 August, 2014

Bread for the Journey of Orange County was delighted to give a grant of $1500 to Andrea Deerheart toward the further development and expansion of The HeartWay, her non-profit organization dedicated to conscious living and conscious dying.  The funds will be used for marketing, publishing, public speaking and community outreach. The HeartWay supports those at the end of life with desperately needed psychological, spiritual and applied needs.

In interviewing Andrea, Ralph Waldo Emerson came to mind when he said “Travel not the well worn path, but blaze a new trail that others may follow.” Below is Andrea’s description of her work.  What a blessing for Orange County!

My passion is to ignite conscious approaches to life and death informed by truth, compassion and by the collective language of the human spirit.  I feel passionately that many who are dying have the tragic experience of doing so unconsciously.  With each new client who seeks the services of The HeartWay, I am more convinced than ever of the great need for change.  The insensitive medicalized approach to the end of life far to often denies essential psychological, spiritual, and emotional support, leaving the dying, their families, and even their traditional networks of support alienated, both from the medical establishment and from each other.

The essential purpose of The HeartWay is to fill the void this cold scientific approach engenders and to provide a warmer, safer, more humane and compassionate environment for the dying and their loved ones. The HeartWay stands in opposition to the denial of death in all of its many forms, seeking to integrate depth psychology, mythology, and the language of the soul into the dying process and to encourage the dying and their loved ones to see death with new eyes. Having too often seen what results from the lack of this kind of support, I also know how desperately it is needed.  

We all must die, yet how we experience the death journey is as infinitely unique as the twinkles of the stars above.

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