Ever Forward Club – Siempre Adelante 

21 December, 2014

Although Ashanti Branch was a successful engineer in the corporate world, he knew in his heart there was something more he wished to do in the world.  While tutoring math to young boys, he discovered a greater sense of accomplishment and that being with the young boys was so much more rich than his corporate job.  With this new inspiration in his life, Ashanti founded Ever Forward Club – Siempre Adelante.  This program is dedicated to serving Oakland African-American and Latino middle school young boys in academics, leadership, personal and family development. These Ever Forward Club students are the first in their families to attend college.  In addition, in its 8 year history, Ever Forward Club has delivered a 100% high school graduation rate and 93% of those graduates are now “first generation” college students!

Bread for the Journey of Oakland was honored to provide $800 to Ever Forward Club to expand its outreach to other middle schools in the Oakland, CA area.