A Child Center That Makes a Difference in the Whole Family

20 July, 2013

Imagine having to choose between staying home to care for your sick child or going to work to put food on the table. Consider a single parent who works a late shift and must leave their school age children alone in the evening. Think about the divorced father who doesn’t know how to play a role in the lives of his children, because his own father was never around.

Pre-school rectangle

The Fairfax-San Anselmo Children’s Center in Fairfax, CA is more than a daycare center – it’s a place where at-risk children and their families receive the kind of support that can, and does, make a difference in their lives.

Through programs that realistically address the challenges of low-income families, the Fairfax-San Anselmo Children’s Center makes it possible for struggling parents to earn a living, gain positive parenting and life skills, and know that their children are growing, learning, and being cared for in a nurturing environment.

Bread for the Journey of Marin gave $500 to the Fairfax-San Anselmo Children’s Center, which was put towards their School-Age Education Support Project. This project is aimed at supporting children and families in the area of homework, creating and building relationships on behalf of children and families with local elementary schools and providing professional development to staff that will help them better serve families at the Center. Children and their families benefit greatly from these types of programs, which improves their lives and improves the surrounding community.