100 Cents for Every Dollar for Women

22 July, 2014

Teresa Mardesen wants to raise awareness for the gender pay gap/paycheck inequity issue and position Omaha to lead the way for a national conversation.  Her grass-roots organization is called 100 Cents for Every Dollar for Women, and she wants to motivate key Omaha decision makers, community stakeholders, and NE legislators to take action and work to achieve pay equity.  During our recent conversation, Teresa enlightened us that in the U.S. women still earn 77 cents for every dollar a man earns.  In Omaha, women earn 72 cents on the dollar on average.  That’s astounding to Teresa and her 10 year old daughter Clara who said “mom, somebody has to do something about this!”

Well, Teresa is ready to do something about it, and asked Bread for the Journey, Omaha to help.  We’ve provided Teresa with $500.00 to begin a grass-roots campaign and messaging tactics to drive and elevate support through networking and education.  She’ll do that in a multitude of ways which include, building relationships with Omaha companies willing to lead the way on transparency, by maximizing social media vehicles and by re-igniting the NE LB1085 discussion about fair pay.

We wish Teresa luck, and look forward to hearing how she’s doing!