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A Child Center That Makes a Difference in the Whole Family

Imagine having to choose between staying home to care for your sick child or going to work to put food on the table. Consider a single parent who works a late shift and must leave their school age children alone in the evening. Think about the divorced father who doesn’t know how to play a role ... Read More or Get In Touch.

“Infusing Fitness” into the Community

Believing in the value of a healthy community and the multitude of happy lives it can create, Infused Fitness, a non-profit organization, is committed to guiding communities into healthy living through group fitness classes.  We serve the whole family and make these services available to those who ... Read More or Get In Touch.

Serving Those Who Serve

What do women do when their children leave for college? One group of moms from Los Alamitos, California decided to continue working together by volunteering to support our troops overseas. In August, 2008 they began by sending four boxes to two different units in Iraq. Initially, items were ... Read More or Get In Touch.

An Outdoor Classroom for Alder Street Garden

The first time Presley Alexander saw pictures of a cob building, she thought, “This is what I’m here to do!” Cob construction is an ancient earth building technique that utilizes a combination of earth, straw, sand and water. Presley is excited about using this ancient technique to create a ... Read More or Get In Touch.

Lending Support and Guidance to College Bound Youth

The Razorbacks Rugby team is made up of East Palo Alto high school students who have not received the guidance and support for higher education our young population so desperately deserves. The students were to visit four schools in the Midwest with active rugby programs and admissions personnel ... Read More or Get In Touch.

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Neuro-Nanny Academy

May 20, 2014

What happens when a nanny for infants is distracted by incoming e-mails, text messages, or phone calls while caring for infants? This is the question that Peggy…

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Young Journalists get a leg up

March 25, 2014

When Rhonda Ramiro approached Bread for the Journey of Oakland, it was clear that she wanted to light the fire of enthusiasm of young budding journalists. Her…

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