The Path of Centering Prayer ~ with David Frenette

26 April, 2014

Centering prayer is a form of Christian meditation that deepens ones experience of God. x2169.jpg.pagespeed.ic.dKVKy1rMHmThe transformative power of this practice is found in the idea that centering prayer is not something you do to find God, but involves being found by God and “saying yes to God’s presence acting in you.” The Trappist Monk, Thomas Merton, and Father Thomas Keating have written much about this practice, and now David Frenette’s book, The Path of Centering Prayer, adds to the rich literature on the subject.

Join me this week as I speak with David Frenette. Together we’ll learn about the subtleties, intentions, and “Contemplative Attitudes” that make this a rich, daily practice that opens us to “experience the deep ways of grace, the profound sense that everything is in God, and the mysterious ways God acts in you.”

David Frenette is a leader and senior teacher in the centering prayer movement, and a friend and advisor of Father Thomas Keating for 30 years. He co-created and co-led a contemplative retreat community for 10 years, has an MA in transpersonal counseling psychology, and is an adjunct faculty member of Naropa University. He is a spiritual director at the Center for Contemplative Living in Denver, Colorado, as well as for clients worldwide.