The Inspired Heart ~ with Artist Jerry Wennstrom

5 June, 2014

“In 1979, I destroyed all the art I had created, gave everything I owned away, and began a new life…The new life that I gave myself to required unconditional trust and noninterference. I asked for nothing from any human being. I needed to know if there was a God, and I risked my life to find that out….I ate when I had food and I fasted when I did not. I accepted whatever came into my life. It was that simple.”

This excerpt from Jerry Wennstrom’s book, The Inspired Heart, with an Introduction by Thomas Moore, describes how Jerry began a new life. His experiences have shaped him in profound ways and informed how Jerry has continued to live these many years. He and his wife Marilyn Strong have been friends of mine since the early 1990’s. I have stayed with them at their home on Whidbey Island several times and spent many satisfying hours in unhurried conversation about the deeper currents of life.

Join us for this engaging interview where we will trust the natural current of our conversation to take us where it wants to go, spending an hour with you the way Jerry lives his life. Please take a moment to read his biography below and follow any of the links. I promise you will walk away with an inspired heart.

Jerry Wennstrom is an artist, author of “The Inspired Heart: An Artist’s Journey of Transformation” and subject of Parabola and Sentient Publications documentary videos, “In the Hands of Alchemy” and “Studio Dialogue.” He lectures and offers film presentations internationally and has written monthly articles for Inferential Focus, a New York City think tank and consulting firm. Many of his articles are featured in Mythic Journeys Magazine. His art is included  in the film Mythic Journeys and currently, there is feature film directed by Danish filmmaker Hans Fabian Wullenweber being made about Jerry’s life. The tower that Jerry built on his Whidbey Island, Washington property and his life’s story is included in the book, Holy Personal by Laura Chester.

In 1979 Jerry Wennstrom was a rising star in the New York art world when he let go of his identity as an artist by intentionally destroying his large body of art and giving away his money and all of his possessions. With this leap of faith he embarked on a 15 year journey listening, seeking, relying on intuition and unconditional trust to guide and provide for him. He has since created a large new body of art. His current large interactive sculptures are both humorous and deeply meaningful. – Parabola Magazine