Imagine a Collaborative Courtroom – An Interview with Dianne Marshall

5 April, 2014

Imagine a courtroom in which everyone is working together toward the same goal. Imagine a courtroom in which the perpetrator of a drug related non-violent crime is held accountable, but is managed in a way that is encouraging and supportive. Imagine 75% of its participants successfully completing their “sentence” program, going on to lead productive lives and not re-offending.

Well, imagine no further. Such a thing exists and it’s called Collaborative Court. The model was created in 1989 and is now being practiced in all 50 states in the U.S.  There are about 2,380 collaborative courts nationwide.

Join me as I speak with Dianne Marshall, Founder and President of the CA Collaborative Justice Courts Foundation. Dianne and her colleagues truly fit the image of Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Deeds.

Dianne Marshall is the Therapeutic Courts Administrator Emeritus for the Mendocino County Superior Court in Ukiah, CA. She is also the Founder of the Mendocino County Friends of Drug Court Fund and the California Collaborative Justice Courts Foundation. She has years of experience in human services management and administration including strategic planning, grant writing, fund raising, community-based residential treatment and volunteer management. Currently, Dianne is working to build the funding streams for Collaborative Justice Court programs by engaging community giving.