Forgiveness at Work ~ An interview with Dr. Deborah Welch

14 July, 2012

Nelson Mandela said, “Forgiveness removes fear and that is why it is so powerful.” In the course of our every day lives, we may not think about forgiveness in the workplace. But, in the work place forgiveness can be a powerful practice for breaking free from negative patterns, developing trust where there was once conflict, and growing more and more true to our best selves. Join us this week as our host, Marianna Cacciatore interviews Deborah Welch, author of Forgiveness at Work: Stories of the Power Possibility, and Practice of Forgiveness in the Workplace.

Drawing on her own life and her experience as an educator and leadership coach, Dr. Welch shares powerful stories illustrating many paths to forgiveness, and inviting us to explore the paths that work best for us. Tune in and discover how to increase joy in your work, and your life, through practicing forgiveness.

Deborah Welch, Ph.D. coaches leaders in colleges, school districts, foundations, corporations and small businesses. She is a core faculty member at Capella University and since 1999 she has been teaching graduate level courses in the Psychology of Leadership and guiding dissertation work. Deborah is the author of Forgiveness at Work: Stories of the Power, Possibility and Practice of Forgiveness in the Workplace. When it comes specifically to the work of forgiveness, Deborah is a life long student of the power of forgiveness and continually learning more about the gift of forgiveness. Deborah uses stories as a powerful way to take learning about forgiveness further. She continues to be inspired by her clients, colleagues and friends by the amazing possibilities that arise through forgiveness at work.