I saw the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty with my sister, Theresa, during the holiday and we both loved it. It was funny and it made us think more deeply about life. It’s a film that reminds us to take risks and be brave. In one of the last shots of the film, the words Good Your Journey floated across the screen and I thought, That’s what we’re all doing…trying like hell to make Good our Journey.

How do we raise good kids, have meaningful, well-paying jobs, keep the flame alive with our husband or wife, (find a good husband or wife!), be creative, feel connected to our community, be there for our friends and family. Every day we are challenged to step out, do hard things and take risks. How do we do it with some measure of grace?

After the film I was thinking about what I’m learning along the way to make Good my Journey and began writing a list, which turned out to be a pretty good set of topics for this blog. It’s not a comprehensive list…just a start. But it’s a good start…and every single thing on this list has gifted me with battle scars. I’m learning every day as I scrape my knees and stand up to start again.

  1. We live in a shared world. First, be kind.
  2. Love wins. Being generous (with our time, attention, care, gifts) is the way we show our love.
  3. Perfection is not the goal. Real life is more like practice.
  4. Forgiveness is worth the effort. Always.
  5. The depth of grief we allow ourselves is directly proportional to our joy.
  6. Wisdom is inside all of us. No exceptions.
  7. Being listened to (and learning to listen well) helps our wisdom rise so we can see it.
  8. Uncertainty is part of the deal. Learn grace under pressure.
  9. Silence truly is golden. Sit still every day.
  10. Be Generous of Spirit. In a shared world, it is the highest inner goal we can achieve.

These are a few of the things that are helping me navigate my world with some measure of integrity. Maybe they’ll be helpful to you. This blog will be a place where we can practice together. Here, we will tell the truth, be big or small, vocal or silent, brave or not. All of it is okay because we’re all trying to make Good our Journey. Together. Glad you’re here.

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Love, Marianna

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