Being part of a national network of philanthropists allows you to build relationships with people who have years, often decades, of experience working in grassroots philanthropy. Through this network you gain ideas, avoid pitfalls, find inspiration, and get to know like-minded people all over the country.

Some of our giving circles are in rural communities and others are in urban areas. You’ll learn about the differences and find the right mix of strategies that will work in your community, no matter the size or location.

We offer a philosophy of giving grounded in simple practices of kindness and common sense principles. We’ve been around since 1988 and these guidelines have been practiced and appreciated by more than 1,000 volunteers.

Each summer we offer a retreat called The Gathering where we come together to learn how to run a Bread for the Journey chapter, get to know BFJ volunteers running chapters in other parts of the country, meet Bread for the Journey’s board of directors and staff, engage with donors, hear from those who’ve received grants from other BFJ chapters, strengthen your fundraising and grant-making skills, and be inspired. We keep the cost of the retreat affordable for everyone.

Being part of a national network also means you’ll get your own website.  Your site will boast a clean, modern design with streamlined content that informs and inspires people to do what they can to make a difference—make a donation to your chapter, volunteer with you, or get a grant.