Bread for the Journey® International empowers people who are passionate about improving their community, one gift at a time. We help individuals implement community-based giving by providing the necessary tools to start small, local philanthropy groups, sometimes called giving circles, to provide micro-grants in their communities. We currently engage over 120 volunteers nationwide and since our inception, more than 1,000 volunteers have joined us in doing grassroots philanthropy in their local communities.

Since our founding in 1988, our giving circles have donated nearly $4.5 million to diverse community-based projects. Bread for the Journey International provides valuable services and resources for giving circles to successfully carry out their grassroots philanthropy. We provide Bread for the Journey local chapters with many different services that enable them to focus on the most important part of philanthropy: giving to their local community.

Our Mission

To find people with strength and vision who are passionate about improving their community, and help them make it happen.

Our Vision 

To nurture the seed of generosity that exists in every human heart.

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